Le citron gagnant

The winning lemon

In this quest, he then contacts one of his good friends, an extremely technical pastry chef, Valentin Rouyé. Valoche, his nickname, learned the love of hospitality in his family's restaurant in Val-David: La Table des Gourmets . Eternal curious and perfectionist, Valentin is now improving his knowledge of baking at Arhoma.

So he tells her about this lemon cream recipe made with agar-agar, a gelling agent from a variety of algae often used as a substitute for gelatin. Camilo makes several tries to make sure he has mastered the recipe. Then, he plays around with the ratios of butter, lemon and sugar to achieve a result that better represents his style; punched.

It's a version of this recipe, combined with passion fruit and pear, that won not only the best dessert, but also the title of Hawksworth young chef for Mr. Lapointe-Nascimento in 2019.

And for those who remember the finale of Les chefs! between Guillaume and Camilo, it was the last service that decided between the two excellent cooks. The sweet dish was revisited here with a vanilla ice cream parfait, bringing an additional touch of gluttony to the lemon tartlet.



When we ask Camilo why he particularly likes this dessert in competition, he replies: "It's a really effective dessert because in addition to being delicious, it's quick, it takes less time to freeze than a classic creamy, and it's extremely versatile. And finishing the meal with freshness is a winner''


If you want to reproduce the creaminess, here is the famous recipe.

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Creamy lemon (about 6 desserts)


200 g lemon juice (about 5 lemons)

160 g of sugar

5 whole eggs

6g agar agar

290g unsalted butter


Zest and squeeze the juice of about 5 lemons until you obtain 200g of liquid.

In a cauldron, add the juice, zest, agar agar, sugar and eggs.

Bring to a boil while whisking.

Once boiling, continue to boil and stir for 1 minute to activate the agar agar.

Cut the butter into cubes and place in a cylindrical container.

Strain the lemon mixture through a cheesecloth sieve and pour, while still hot, over the butter.

Using a hand mixer, mix the butter and the lemon mixture until the preparation is homogeneous.

Then leave to cool for at least 20 minutes.

Using a pastry bag, place on a sweet pastry and add seasonal toppings.

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