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  • Francis Blais

    Co-executive chef

    Winner of "Top Chef Canada"
  • Alexis Demers

    Sommelier and maître d'hôtel

    Winner of working with Camilo & Francis

Menu Extra is a high-level quartet made up of the first Montrealer to win Top Chef Canada, the winner of the last season of Chefs!, a former Mousso sommelier and a director and creative director. It's also THE gastronomic revelation of the past year!

It is about offering accessible dishes, prepared with local ingredients, but with a perfect technique that is in line with high quality gastronomy.

How lucky are we, in the face of such adversity, to have minds creative enough to have figured out how to carry the restaurant experience in a bag and deliver it to our homes.

The Menu Extra concept continues to expand, this time with a take-out and delivery operation in Pithiviers.