Menu Extra x Pinard et Filles

Extra Menu x Pinard et filles


It is with the arrival of their first daughter that Fred and Catherine decide to leave the city and tame the Eastern Townships for their new family life. Both with their experiences in catering and wine trips throughout Europe, their new country area quickly welcomes a panoply of vines worthy of the most beautiful regions: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Savagnin, Riesling, Cabernet Franc and more. The grapes grow and the family grows; the Pinard & Filles vineyard is finally born.

Armed with a sharp approach to viticulture and natural winemaking, characteristic works by Marc Séguin and above all, delicious wines, the name Pinard & Filles has been adopted by all sommeliers and wine lovers. Quickly exported around the world, to Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo, the products of the Magog vineyard attracted crowds and created an unprecedented stir.



During his time at the sommellerie of the restaurant Le Mousso, Alexis Demers developed a particular attention to the wines and spirits of the Quebec terroir. It is in this perspective that he meets Fred and Catherine, and that a friendship is forged by the strength of this common interest in these issues. The reception at Mousso is unequivocal: the restaurant's flamboyant gastronomy goes perfectly with these bottles full of vibrant energy, very far from what Quebec wine was ten years ago.



Seasonal dinner and natural wines

When Menu Extra developed the idea of a series of gourmet dinners taking place in the heart of local vineyards, the brigade quickly dreamed of domaine Pinard & Filles, this mythical place closed to the public, producer of singular juices. Following the successes experienced at Fragments and at Les Pervenches, Menu Extra is raising its sleeves and tackling this gastronomic dream head-on.

First meeting at 1700 Chemin des Pères in Magog, Menu Extra is welcomed by the Pinard family and their dog, Tom. This is followed by a visit to the vineyards, discussions on the next 2021 vintage and some technical preparations, but above all, a wine tasting that exceeds a few hours. Sitting in the middle of the cellar, the brigade takes notes. Inspired and realizing that the moment is precious, even unprecedented, Alexis, Francis and Camilo begin the creation of the menu. After 13 wine tastings, we imagine the row of dishes that will accompany the Pinards including the famous Poulet au vin jaune, now available in our shop! Use the code VINJAUNE for a 15% discount on your next order.



The next day, despite the too many empty bottles, the Menu Extra team went to the Parcelles farm, three minutes from the vineyard. There, Beaubébé of his nickname tells them about his agricultural project: he and his team grow herbs, fruits and vegetables uncommon, either because of their difficulty in being cultivated or simply by collective forgetfulness.  



Worked entirely in organic farming, the Parcelles farm is immediately part of the gastronomic design of the evening: their products will be the stars of the menu.



In July 2021, four spectacular evenings were held, four idyllic meetings where the wine and vegetable flavors of here, cooked without compromise, served to highlight the vibrancy that animates each of these precursors of a bluffing and uninhibited Quebec culture. With this first gastronomic foray into their premises, the legendary Pinard & Filles vineyard has thus begun a new cycle by opening its doors to the curious, passionate and gourmets. Added to the expertise and refinement of menu Extra's brigade, the event was sold out and stood out during a solar summer.



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