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Montreal Miso



In Quebec, as in many northern regions where short summers quickly give way to long winters, our culinary culture adapts creatively: fermentation is one of those food preservation techniques that is essential in our customs. gastronomic. It optimizes the agricultural abundance of the hot months in order to compensate for the scarcity of the cold season. Developed from fresh food and thanks to a thousand-year-old manufacturing technique, miso is the perfect example of such a method of preservation.

By wanting to contain the characteristic flavors of Quebec's finest foods and offer a touch of comfort to your winter recipes, Menu Extra is pleased to offer you its fermented condiment: Montreal Miso, prepared with butternut squash, yellow peas and barley.

A rich heritage of Japanese culture, miso is a paste of soya beans and koji - a mixture of barley inoculated with the fungus Aspergillus Oryzae) - fermented for several months. The koji is responsible for the enzymatic destruction of the protein and the creation of amino acids, which give miso all its umami dimension.

If miso and fermented preparations are an integral part of Menu extra's culinary identity, it is because they allow us to transmit our love of Slow Food. This love of slow cooking comes first and foremost through the study, respect and recognition of Japanese know-how, developed over centuries and passed down through generations. It is thanks to this ancestral heritage that Menu Extra makes the Quebec terroir shine today.

The Montreal Miso was therefore prepared with the finest Quebec squash from fall 2020 to offer the condiment an extraordinary richness. The flesh of the squash, dried at high temperature, develops roasted notes and its sugars become more concentrated. Its fermented dough therefore stands out for its coating side and its perfect balance of sweet and savory. By using one of the most emblematic and versatile vegetables of our agriculture, Menu Extra pays homage to the best of the land.

Montreal Miso and you

Montreal Miso is, in our opinion, the ideal condiment to add a gastronomic touch like Menu Extra in your daily life.

In our recipes, miso is often used as a substitute for salt and to add flavor to a preparation. It is also a perfect paste for making a broth in a flash. Finally, Montreal Miso can very well replace mustard in your favorite vinaigrette, which may wake up the Top Chef in you!

From our kitchen to yours, Menu Extra offers two preparations based on our Montreal Miso:

Softened butter :

Montreal Miso-based softened butter is perfect for coating a fish before putting it in the oven. You can also melt it then pour it over any green vegetable, or brush it over a piece of meat on the BBQ at the end of cooking!


Warm ½ pound of unsalted butter to room temperature.

Mix 3 tablespoons ofMontreal Misoin tempered butter with a spatula and fold.

Keep refrigerated.

Squash miso caramel:

Squash miso caramel is the perfect umami addition to top your favorite ice cream, spread on cookies, or smear on your breakfast toast.

Instructions :

Bring 300 ml of sugar and 300 ml of water to a boil without stirring.

Cook until obtaining an amber caramel. Be careful, it's extremely hot!

Without removing from heat, add 250g of 35% cream and 1 tablespoon ofMontreal Misowith caramel.

Leave to cool for a few minutes before tasting and store in the refrigerator afterwards.

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