Le crabe et les amis !

The crab and friends!

Le Cinqàsept is a small delicatessen. Founded by Lambert St-Cyr and Simon Boutet, the project was born at the very beginning of the pandemic, just like Menu Extra. Having the dream of opening a vibrant and gourmet boutique in Ville-Émard, the two young entrepreneurs settled in a nice place on Monk Street. With everything you need for an aperitif, the Cinqàsept invites you to discover beers, wines, ciders, charcuterie, cheeses and desserts from all over Quebec.

Camilo and Lambert!

Armed with this strong desire to promote the best local products, Lambert suffered a few sleepless nights in order to be able to obtain the precious crustacean and deliver it directly to the kitchens of Menu Extra.

Like purists, we believe that the taste of crab is at its best with as few side dishes as possible. Thus, we have decided to serve you the flesh of this crustacean simply with our Montreal Miso emulsion as well as with wild garlic sour cream; the umami flavor of the miso is an impeccable complement to the salty and sweet flavors of the crab. Also, we took care to add the Extra version of the garlic butter, made from another extremely rare product from our neighbors to the south, Ontario wild garlic.

For the tasting, the chefs advise you to place a segment of crab leg inside a leaf of lettuce, to play with the condiments and to add the cilantro and the puffed rice to finally enjoy these perfect bites on your patio.

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