Guide cadeaux du temps des fêtes

Holiday gift guide

1. Christmas menu

For who ?

Our Holiday Menu is ideal to share a warm dinner with family or friends or to offer a gastronomic moment to someone. The menu is also available in a vegetarian version, for two or ten people, from December 15 to 30, 2022. Menu Extra transposes the best of tableware, from our kitchen to yours, with ease.

On the menu :

Rockefeller oysters (optional)
Foie gras parfait with Sauterne (optional)


Carrot and turnip soup
Beef Wellington and tourtière stuffing, pig’s trotter ragout sauce
The best potatoes
Pickled grandma beets
Holiday Fruit Ketchup
Queen Elizabeth cake.
Price - $70 per person

2. Appetizers & Wines

For who ?

Our little extras are ideal for someone who wants to drink a good bottle of wine. Private import exclusives curated by yours truly .

Our Extra Appetizers are just too delicious not to give as gifts! Have you already prepared your main dish for the holidays but want a little extra? The Rockerfeller oysters or foie gras parfait is perfect for you.

Wines must be accompanied by a menu item.

Price - $24 to $100

3. Hidden Table

For who ?

The Hidden Table is the ideal gift for a unique gastronomic experience. It's a great opportunity to meet the chefs during an intimate, festive dinner with an impeccable atmosphere and an exclusive menu.

Gourmet twelve-course meal with carefully selected wine pairings.

Price - $295 per person

4. Gift Card

For who ?

Our gift card can give someone a unique experience such as an event or even to discover our tasting menus . It's also ideal for a last minute gift if you too haven't had time to go shopping hehe (don't worry, you're not alone).

Price - $25 to $400

5. Flower bouquets

For who ?

Our bouquet of flowers carefully and lovingly made by our team is a perfect gift to send a little attention to someone dear to you or to complete a present.

Price - $45

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